Imago reclame is an award winning advertising agency. We serve our clients with an engaging online presence that speaks their business at one glance! Visualize, execute and captivate is what we do…
our three core values come back in everything you will see from us:


Our creativity comes from a deep passion for what we do. We translate that creativity into effective solutions. Sometimes complex… sometimes very simple. A good understanding of the latest technologies helps us in making sure our customers get their message across.


Online communication is our great passion. Like you would expect from us we only deliver according our client’s needs. Our online expertise is built on years of experience that we love keep surprising our customers with.


Our strength lies in a small experienced team of specialists that keep a close relationship with our customers. Taking away all the complexity we come to the point and ask the right questions to make it work. We love what we do and like to show that in our concepts. To protect the reputation we have built along the way we only deliver according our highest standards.


Our work is rewarded by the dutch advertising sector (SAN, Esprix)
As a multi-disciplinary design studio, we provide a wide coverage of communications services
We remain flexible at all times and keep our communication lines short
Before starting we make sure we have a good understanding of your needs
We provide a quick turnaround for all your projects