The answer to all your questions when buying your first home. Again Rabobank organises the annual 'My First Home Café'.


    Imago reclame visualises the brand identity for the Philips Fortimo LED product range for direct recognisability.


    Imago reclame developed several demonstration movies for different Philips LED products. Look here for an impression.


    This year Imago reclame created the Philips christmascard. This time with a very special link to the Fortimo product range.

  • LIGHTSPEC magazine edition 5

    The latest edition of the digital magazine LightSpec. In this edition: "LED light engines, the pieces start coming together".


    Take a virtual tour through the 3D digital supermarket of Philips and discover the online experience of an interactive supermarket.

  • LIGHTSPEC magazine editie 4

    The fourth edition of LightSpec is online. In this edition: "WIll LEDs replace high pressure sodium in outdoor lighting?".

  • led master class campaign

    Rewarded with two Dutch advertising awards, the LED Master Class campaign for Philips was a big succes. Why we won? Click to find out more...

  • Rabobank Zomerspaarweken

    This summer something magical was happening during the "Zomer Spaar Weken" campaign for the Rabobank.

  • Retail application tool

    Take a virtual tour through the 3D digital retail store of Philips and discover the online experience of the interactive store.

  • lightspec magazine edition 3

    The third edition of the digital LightSpec magazine. In this issue: "LED technology is ready to take on fluorescent".

  • Philips fortimo campaign

    The biggest online advertising campaign for Philips Lighting OEM so far - advertizing the high quality Fortimo LED around the globe.

  • FSI magazine

    Where the former FSI magazine was no more than a downloadable pdf file, the digital FSI magazine offered an exciting online experience.

  • Rabobank Doelsparen

    Saving money to make your child's dreams come true, that is what it is all about in the "Doelsparen" print campaign for the Rabobank.

  • Simplicity = Demotools

    How to demonstrate high quality technological innovations in a simple way? This question is central in the Sense & Simplicity demo tools.

  • Global Distributie website

    As part of the overall expansion of Global Distributie, Imago was asked to redesign the company website. See the result...

  • lightspec magazine edition 2

    The second version of the digital LightSpec magazine. In this issue: "Do LEDs meet your expectations in retail projects?".

  • R&PGroep website restyle

    Repositioning R&PGroep as a modern financial servcies provider with a broad range of services, Imago was asked to do the company website.

  • lightspec magazine edition 1

    This was the first version of the digital LightSpec magazine. In this issue the central question: "Is LED ready for general lighting?".